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What tools we use to take your business to the next level:


Over 2 billion people check their social media EVERY DAY, and over 2/3 of them have purchased something they have first seen on Facebook or Instagram.

Social media advertising is one of the most effective and cheapest marketing avenues, with lower cost per reach than any of the traditional media – newspapers, tv/radio or billboards.

By employing social media advertising strategies best suited for the specific type and size of your business, including careful creation and testing of audiences and ad creatives, ad budgets optimisation, ad performance analysis, tracking and subsequent re-targeting – we can help you exponentially grow your sales and profits TODAY.


Don’t have time to log into your social media, post quality content and engage with followers on a daily basis? Let us do it for you!

We will plan your posts with you in advance, and take over the day-to-day postings and other activities.

We will focus on optimising your Facebok and Instagram pages in order to drive traffic to your website, and ultimately increase your revenue.

We will employ tested page-growth tactics, such as ‘follow-unfollow’ approaches and hashtag strategies, in order to grow your profiles and promote your business.

You will be left with fewer things to think about and more time to do what you do best – run your business!

Website development, hosting & maintenance

Are you looking for a new website? One that will increase your business profile and revenue?

Or do you already have a website, but are frustrated with its lack of flexibility, features, or with platform’s fees eating into your profits?

We will hear you out and offer a range of solutions – from optimising your existing site and making it Google-search friendly, to moving to another platform and building something from scratch. (Building a new site can be faster and cheaper than trying to resuscitate a badly-performing one!)

We will take into consideration your brand, and visitor profiles and expectations, in order to create a website that not only looks amazing but also ‘converts’ visitors into customers.

mr run ceo nutrition for runners

My business turned around when I started using Milevva Marketing services – my website development and social media presence went through a complete transformation. By using specialist social media training provided by MM, I also gained knowledge, understanding and full confidence in what I do when managing my website as well as dealing with potential clients online. Highly recommended!

N Neven, CEO, Mr Run

mr run ceo nutrition for runners

Milevva Marketing undertook a project at the Bar to promote and market a new menu which we developed as a takeaway offer. The response was great, it opened up geographic areas that we hadn’t reached before, created a dialogue between customers and ourselves that we hadn’t experienced before. It felt as tho we were connecting to customers in a solid tangible way that did result in sales that I’m sure we wouldn’t have reached without their expertise – Natasa has such an in depth knowledge with regards to navigating social media and at the same time rigorously watching the budget. We felt in safe hands! She was fun to work with and seamlessly became part of the team.

We will defiantly look to Natasa and Milevva Marketing to weave their magic on our next project.

Joe Hirschhorn, Owner, Joe Lounge London

emma hanley inner shift therapy

Thank you so much for your really helpful advice. You clearly know your stuff! Very informative with great understanding and useful tips. I enjoyed talking to you and will get cracking putting takeaway points into action!

Emma Hanley, Inner Shift Therapy

Why social media matters for small business?

Increasing your business presence online and in particular on social media platforms is a great method for gaining new customers for your products or services, and for keeping your existing customers engaged and interested in your current and future offerings.

Some of the whopping stats and consumer behaviours from 2019-2020:

• when it comes to things that determine people’s buying decisions, social ads take the second place only to word-of-mouth. TV ads and search engines take the third and fourth place.
• 80% of internet users use Facebook – 1.2 billion people log into Facebook on a daily basis
• Instagram and Facebook have the most influence on shopping habits of people who use social media
• just under one BILLION people can be reached by ads on Instagram
• 92% of Instagram users say they’ve followed a brand, clicked on their website, or made a purchase after seeing a product/service on the platform
• 52% of all online brand discovery takes place on social media
27% of internet users report finding new products and brands through paid adverts (this figure goes up to 31% amongst 16-24 age group)

I want to run ads on social media - why would I want to hire a professional service?

There are many possible reasons why you may want to hire professional services, rather than resort to do-it-yourself advertising on social media.

Here are the top three:

1. Being familiar with the sales psychology
Professional marketers will have a better grasp of how people make buying decisions. Unless you are exceptionally gifted or experienced in writing ad copy as well as creating visuals, professionals will have a better idea of how to ‘package’ whatever it is that you are selling, in order to increase its chance of attracting larger numbers of buyers. Weak social ads create negative emotional response in less than a second. If you don’t do it well, your ad will float for a while, then sink to the bottom fast.

2. Getting higher and long-term Return on Investment
Rather than just throwing a handful of money to the wall and hoping it sticks (ie boosting your post), professional advertisers are able to adjust your campaign settings so that it achieves the best possible performance for the least amount of money. We carefully optimise your budgets, create customised audiences to show your ads to, perform repeated Split Testing to find best performers, employ Ad Tracking, Analytics and Audience Retargetting, amongst other things, to ensure better, and longer lasting, Return On Investment for your campaigns.

3. Your time is money
Rather than spending time learning how to do all of the above, and then doing it all yourself, you can chose to instead focus on what you do best – ie run your business.

Can you help promote our products or services in any other way?

In addition to marketing services such as ad creation and targetted ‘custom audience’ advertising on Facebook and Instagram, we also offer more traditional forms of marketing – copywriting for email and web campaigns, or print advertising.

We can help with your overall branding & visual presentation too: website creation and management, logo & branding, photography and product styling, video creation, traditional print graphics. In cases where we don’t offer a service in-house we will work closely with our trusted collaborators and specialists in their chosen fields.

• Social Media Organic Outreach & Brand Awareness Strategies
Branding, Photography & Graphic Design
Copywriting & Editing of Your Online Materials (websites, social media pages, promotional emails)
Email Marketing
• Website Search Engine Optimisation

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